Nick Harrington


I'm an 11 year-old quad who goes to school. I use a laptop computer. I used to use a mouth stick and hit one key at a time. Now, with the Boost Tracer, I can type, play games, and do my homework faster and have my mouth free to talk - and I like to talk.

For computer games, I need to move exactly where I want when I want, and with the Boost Tracer I can move right where I want just by moving my head.

I like to take my laptop outside a lot. The Tracer works great in the sun, and I don't need some big, heavy battery to make it work.

I'm so proud that after seeing me on TV with my Tracer, some people have started GiveTech to help other people like me. The Tracer has really made my life better. I feel very lucky to have a Tracer so I can surf the net and email my friends. Please help GiveTech so they can help more people like me use the computer and all the wonderful things that go with it.

Nick Harrington

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